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NHBC continues to call for more construction to meet demand
05 March 2020

According to figures from the National House Building Council (NHBC), the number of homes being constructed in Britain is at its highest level since the credit crunch, however this is still too low to stamp out the shortage. 

The NHBC confirmed that there were 156,140 registrations for new homes over the course of 2015, which represented a return to levels not seen since 2007. This figure was also 75 per cent higher than the number of homes being built in the middle of the financial crisis in 2009. 

However, despite these positive figures, the numbers still fell short of what was needed in order to house Britain’s rapidly expanding population. In short, demand still vastly exceeds supply across the country. According to the body, more than 200,000 homes need to be built each year. 

NHBC chief executive, Mike Quinton, confirmed that work was still to be done to meet demand, saying: “There is still a way to go before we are building the levels of new homes that were seen before the economic downturn.”

As increasing numbers of home are needed quickly, it is essential that developers find construction materials that can be utilised in a fast, cost-effective manner. Materials such as Norbord’s wood panel products are used extensively across the UK’s construction sector, due to their quality and affordability. Norbord products are also readily available on a large scale.

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